How Could Lawyers Strengthen Your Business Data Security?

Data breaches cause so much trouble – in some cases, brands lose their trustworthiness, clients and money. Not to mention managing any crisis requires a lot of resources. While there is a lot of buzz around IT security, businesses shouldn’t forget legal aspects. For instance, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Improperly processed personal data is a huge problem. Fully complying with GDPR requirements is not easy, but unquestionable. And that’s where highly experienced corporate law firms can help you. Read on to learn about the legal experts’ role you might’ve not thought of before.

Data Audits


Still don’t know what GDPR compliance is about and have no idea where to start? Legal experts offer to begin with a data audit. Specialists carry out business information processing audits and identify likely risks. This might be one of the easiest ways to find the data security gaps and start working on them with lawyers’ help.

Data protection is one of the professional corporate law firms’ fields. Therefore, it’s wise to look for a highly skilled team that gathers experts in different law fields. For instance, this Lithuanian corporate law firm, recognised among various businesses in various markets, shares some valuable insights on data protection and other corporate law aspects – it’s worth having a look.

GDPR Compliance

Once you’ve fixed the main security gaps that put your business reputation at risk, it’s time to perfect the system so that it fully complies with GDPR requirements. Corporate law specialists prepare data processing agreements and amendments following the legal requirements. They’ll also advise you on client privacy notices, data processing agreements and other security-related documents and information for clients.

Insights on Secure Digital Marketing Processes

A considerable part of clients’ or potential clients’ personal information is collected when implementing digital marketing campaigns. This information allows businesses to have a broader view of the market, reach a target audience and even make personalised sales campaigns.

That’s when it comes to direct marketing. However, businesses need to do it the right way to avoid risking their authority and trustworthiness. Experienced lawyers could share valuable insights on organising marketing campaigns that meet GDPR requirements and obtaining valid consent agreements.

Risk Management Plan

No matter how secure your business data is, a risk management plan is crucial. Over the past years, IT security products and legal data protection environment have improved significantly, but so did the hackers and their malicious ways of attacking data security systems. Corporate law experts advise various businesses on how to manage the crisis, not only efficiently but also the right way from the legal point of view.

Employees Education

Another critical role of corporate lawyers here is to educate employees. To be more precise – the whole team, from managers to client support staff. It’s crucial to regularly organise professional training regarding personal data protection and privacy law. Also, experts conduct privacy impact assessments as required by GDPR. It helps to assess sensitive data processing operations and, once again – identify likely risks.

A corporate law firm’s role is significant – from carrying out data protection audits to creating a system that complies with GDPR requirements and representing business interests in responsible institutions. Experienced legal experts might be an unquestionable part of a team that builds and maintains a trustworthy brand image. Take your time to find a reliable law firm, and you wouldn’t have to worry about proper personal data protection meeting legal requirements.

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