September 2022


10 Times Fans Took It Too Far With Celebrities

Fans can take things too far, and sometimes that can turn out to be terrifying or funny, depending on the celebrity’s reaction.  If you want to be a good fan: avoid behavior like this!

1- Dolly Parton’s Baby Woes

You can’t find a soul who doesn’t know Dolly Parton’s hit song Jolene: but this song got her in hot water!  Fans of Ms. Parton felt so attached to her that they left a baby on her doorstep with a note that said, “My name is Jolene, my momma has left me here, and she wants you to have me.”

The mother was never found, and the child was adopted almost immediately by a family who has no ties to the famous singer.

2- Ke$ha’s No Tooth Fairy

A fan who thought it was a good idea to send a piece of themself to Ke$ha mailed the star a tooth.  At first, shocked and then entertained: the singer made the tooth into a necklace.

3- McCoid and Miley

Tattoos are a big decision and can make a difference in how you’re perceived in public and for employment.  Carl McCoid, a divorced father of three, took his love of ink to another level when he got 23 Miley Cyrus-inspired tattoos all over his body.  He loved her music and was a big fan of the young star in the early 2010s.  He’s recently said he’s trying to cover up or remove them.

4- Beiber Water

Some fans will do anything to feel close to the celebrities they love: and for some Beliebers, that meant paying $608 for a bottle of water Bier took one sip of.

5- Vegemite Toast Worth Thousands

When Niall Horan of One Direction Fame took a single bite out of a slice of toast with vegemite on it: he stopped eating it in disgust.  The cruise director thought this was hilarious and, as a joke, listed it for sale on eBay.  This joke quickly turned serious since someone paid $100,000 for this slice of gross bread!

6- Mourning Selfie

A fan approached another once-One Direction-member Harry Styles’ sister at their grandmother’s funeral, asking for a photo.

7- Napping With the Stars

In 1999 a 19-year-old snuck into Brad Pitt’s home and spent a full ten hours exploring the premises before falling asleep in his bed amongst a bunch of his clothes she’d nabbed.  She was found by a maid and taken into custody by the police.

8- Bloody Letters

A fan of Taecyeon, an early k-pop sensation from the ’00s, was sent a letter from a fan-written in menstrual blood.  The emotional trauma of that is enough to need access to some powerful personal injury attorneys.

9- Drake Making a Mark

You may think you love your favorite performers, but nobody’s quite as big a fan as the girl who got Drake tattooed across her face.  The tattoo artist had no idea who Drake was but said he regrets tattooing it and assumes the girl must as well.

10- Suing over Sending Nudes

Imagine being sent unwanted nudes: and then being sued for it.  J-Lo had to go through exactly this in 2008.

Everyone Deserves to Feel Safe!

Whether you’re a celebrity or a fan: it’s important to feel safe.  Don’t make wild decisions like these fans!

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