December 2022


Cycling Accidents: Lawyers Advise on Injuries Compensation Claims

Traffic accidents happen daily, and a noticeably large part involves cyclists. Some of those incidents end up with minor losses; however, some end up causing serious property damage and severe injuries. Lawyers specialising in traffic accidents field notice – no matter the extent of damage and whether a causer takes responsibility, a cyclist can get compensation. If you or your family member happen or would ever get into such an unenviable situation, here are a few valuable insights everyone should know.

How Cycling Accidents Arise and When Can One Claim for Compensation?

There are many scenarios of how cycling accidents arise. Often, other vehicles are involved in those too. Lawyers say that cases with cyclists are usually complicated as drivers often assert an accident was a result of irresponsible cycling. Sometimes they deny they haven’t noticed a cyclist coming their way or noticed too late. When the other party refuses to take responsibility, it’s wise to seek legal advice.

No matter the scenario and drivers’ denials, it’s best to contact legal experts as soon as possible. They’ll advise a cyclist on further steps and assess whether there could be a valid claim. Still, lawyers say that victims of a cycling accident can more or less predict whether they can claim compensation. Three crucial criteria for a valid claim:

  • There was someone else to blame for the accident
  • The injury resulted from it
  • The incident happened within the last three years

By the way, if you happen to get into such an unenviable situation and you’re not a native English speaker, this shouldn’t deter you from seeking legal advice. Many highly experienced lawyers provide legal services in London (адвокат в лондон), Sheffield, Luton, Bristol and other cities in various languages.

A Few Valuable Insights on Claiming for Compensation

Claiming compensation after a stressful accident might seem too complicated. However, not necessarily if you’ll find legal experts who can make the process clear and as smooth as it can be in an individual case. Now, regarding legal questions, lawyers say cyclists involved in the accident should:

  • Not procrastinate essential decision – contact lawyers as soon as possible
  • Find lawyers specialising in a relevant field
  • Collect any proof of accident-related damage and expenses

The size of compensation (if the case is successful) depends on many aspects. To mention a few of them – circumstances an incident happened, injuries and property damage caused, expenses incurred as a result of an injury and other financial losses related to it.

The most important part here is to find a trustworthy and experienced legal experts team who can lead you through legal processes. Any stressful situations aren’t pleasant to recall, but everyone should know their rights and seek fair decisions. Even if that means claiming compensation.

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